Fooz Live Translate

Introducing our cutting-edge plugin, designed for one of our valued clients. Auto-translate your WordPress website with DeepL and manage multiple language versions effortlessly.



Our client, a growing business with a global vision, recognized the immense potential of reaching a wider audience by translating their website into multiple languages. However, they faced a significant challenge – no existing tool in the market met their expectations for seamless, automatic content translation across various languages.

Fueled by the determination to connect with a diverse international audience, the client approached our team at Fooz Agency to find a solution. Driven by our passion for innovation and problem-solving, we set out to develop the groundbreaking plugin – Fooz Live Translate. Extensive research and development allowed us to craft a powerful tool that combined the capabilities of DeepL, WPML, and the SiteOrigin Page Builder.



50 working hours from the solution research till its MVP form

Solution research

Proof of Concept

MVP Plugin

AI-Automated Multitranslations with

Fooz Live Translate Plugin

What was the need?

The client approached us with an outdated website built on the 16-year-old CMS Actualizer. Our task was to migrate and update the site, adapting it to a new visual design while keeping changes minimal. We focused on improving user experience and redesigned the user interface to enhance content editing capabilities. The project involved a large-scale import of products, company presentations, and blog content, ensuring easy navigation for users accustomed to the old layout. We needed to refresh the website subtly, aligning with the client’s desire for familiarity and ease of use.

Following the successful launch of the website, our client wanted to expand their reach to foreign markets and open up for a global clientele, creating multilingual versions of the site. They spread their online presence by building large amounts of valuable content – blog posts, press releases, and articles in popular media. But what they lacked was making it all comprehensible for every potential client worldwide. They needed a slick way to make the process of translating the site to many different languages relatively quick and easy, and thus suggested incorporating the DeepL engine into WordPress. Despite conducting a thorough research, we couldn’t find a fully compatible and extensive tool to meet their expectations, so this very idea gave birth to our original plugin.

Starting off with a PoC

After 50 hours of development work, we unveiled a fully functional Proof of Concept (PoC) – a tool capable of automatic content translation into any desired language. But that’s not all. It was also able to insert the translated text into proper blocks, swap the content, and rewrite the page as a separate language version.

URL-s, categories, tags, breadcrumbs, and other vital components of the site have been translated, too, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive user experience across all language versions.

Rapid Content Translation

Our solution has been crafted as a custom code integrating the powerful trio of DeepL, WPML, and the SiteOrigin Page Builder. This strategic combination proved to be the key factor in its flawless functionality. After numerous tests, rigorous examination of edge cases and additional 100 hours of development, it was all set and ready to be used by content editors.

We added 10 new language versions, and a concise 10-minute training video was enough for the team to intuitively and effortlessly create 10 more. This led to an impressive total of 3,200 fully functional pages and 7,000 blog posts, meticulously preserving the original photos, block structures, and services, becoming a true game-changer for the client.

The development of Fooz Live Translate


As the first version of our plugin emerged, it became evident that its interface required a substantial revamp. A user-centric approach was essential to translate an effortless and intuitive experience. This realization spurred us to craft a modern UX&UI, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation.


We didn’t stop there. With a solid commitment to delivering excellence, we delved into a comprehensive refactor, aiming for nothing less than state-of-the-art. Our team’s collective expertise went into building a bulletproof translation mechanism – a core foundation that would power our revolutionary product.


The product development journey led us to a decision – it was time to have our own product. Having the core, we developed a new design and code refactor for the entire plugin, adding new functionalities. Our plugin is currently a working product in the testing phase, and we are doing the first test deployments.


This journey encompassed extensive efforts – the core development alone took around 290 hours, and the hard work on the final version added another approximately 280 hours. In total, the entire development process clocked in at about 600 hours. As Fooz, we still see areas where we would like to develop this plugin to offer it commercially to customers.

Perks that turned into

Business enhancement

Quick & painless

The tool is capable of translating an entire website of several hundred pages autonomously in a couple of hours, and smaller ones even in a few minutes, which eliminates the need for manual intervention from developers, freeing up valuable time and resources. What’s more, it can be activated at the most convenient time, such as during the night, guaranteeing minimal disruption to the website’s regular operations.

Lower costs & go-to-market time

Our client no longer needs to incur the expense of hiring translators proficient in every language to achieve their business goals. Instead, the process can be streamlined by utilizing a proofreading service for languages that their staff may not be familiar with. It not only significantly reduces overall costs but also yields instant results. Furthermore, the content doesn’t need to be inserted manually into the site – the machine performs this task on behalf of the staff, saving both time and effort.

Day-to-day activities

Apart from translating the whole website, the plugin can be easily used on a daily basis, particularly when publishing regular blog posts that can be instantly translated into any language needed. This feature allows the company to maintain a dynamic online presence and effectively communicate with their diverse audience, fostering stronger connections and expanding their reach in an effective manner.

SEO boost

The client’s venture into new foreign markets has brought a significant shift in their marketing strategy. Recognizing the importance of optimizing their online presence, they hired a SEO agency which consistently monitors and analyzes the website’s traffic, revealing a notable surge in engagement across the site’s various language versions.

AI constant evolution

As the DeepL technology continues to evolve, our plugin evolves alongside it, ensuring that the translations provided are of the highest quality. With each advancement in DeepL’s capabilities, the plugin is empowered to deliver even more refined and reliable translations.


With our comprehensive solution in place, the company can easily coordinate all content creation tasks and strategically pivot towards multilingualism. The website has now become a powerful driver of traffic, attracting a global audience and expanding the company’s reach.

We still actively address additional requests, making sure that the solution maintains its marketing and SEO powers.

In addition, this site was the basis for the creation of our product, which we are still developing and devoting a lot of time to improve it.