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Passionate Team

Join a team of WordPress enthusiasts driven by creativity, collaboration, and shared love for cutting-edge technology.

Exciting Projects

Work on exciting projects that push the boundaries of WordPress development, challenging you to showcase your skills and creativity.

Non-corporate atmosphere

Say goodbye to rigid hierarchies and dress codes – embrace a supportive work environment that encourages open communication, idea sharing, and a sense of belonging.


We guarantee co-financing for your medical care, life insurance and the Multisport card, free parking spot, interesting training and conferences.

Flexible Work Options

We understand the importance of work-life balance. Enjoy flexible work arrangements and the freedom to manage your schedule effectively.

Combining remote & office work

At Fooz, we connect people working all over the country. Let us know what form of work you prefer!

Opportunity Knocks:

Every WordPress enthusiast will find their place in our team – send your CV!

Michał Kaźmierczak

Founder & Ceo

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    Our recruitment process – step by step


    Interview with one of the HR members

    After submitting your CV and assessing your qualifications, wait for a call from us. During the conversation, we’ll share more info about our company, discuss your experience, and evaluate your English proficiency.


    Technical task

    If everything goes well, you will receive a technical task to do.


    Technical talk

    After a positive outcome, we will arrange an online conversation with a technical person from our side who will carry out the tech part.



    Interview with our CEO with feedback from both sides – if you are still interested as much as we are – welcome to our team!

    They have trusted us
    – will you?


    Head of delivery

    Thanks to Fooz, I got the opportunity to switch careers and start fresh in an entirely new role, environment, and setting. Almost from day one, I worked with prominent clients from Poland and renowned clients from abroad. With the support of my team members, I quickly developed and gained new experiences every day – and this continues up to this day.
    Even after 5 years of working here, coming to work in the morning means there’s a high chance I’ll learn something new – whether it’s about client requirements, technical aspects related to WordPress, or UI & UX matters. However, what I value most in my work are the people – I have never encountered such an engaged and cohesive mix of individuals who form a super team together.
    Seeing how rapidly we are growing year by year, I can’t wait to see where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing in one, two, and more years ahead.


    Senior Full-stack Developer

    My career at Fooz began in 2015, and I became the first programmer with whom the company established a permanent partnership. At that time, the company had only 5 people, and I had experience as a freelancer, performing various tasks as a programmer, graphic designer, salesperson, and project manager.
    Thanks to this cooperation, I could focus on one area, and the company allowed me to grow as a specialist in one field. Over the years, we went through many different technologies and content management systems (CMS), but WordPress became our main focus.
    Thanks to our specialization in WordPress, Fooz has become one of the largest agencies focused on this system in Poland.
    Working at Fooz has allowed me to focus on my passion, programming, and participate in exciting projects. I’m proud of my path in this company, while being a big part of its development, and I’m pleased to watch Fooz grow and gain more recognition in the market.


    Project Manager

    After spending 7 years in demanding underground mining environment, mainly in various management positions, I was seriously considering a career change. I never imagined that my career path would lead me to Fooz. Despite my experience working underground, Fooz took a risk by offering me a new career path. This opportunity allowed me to learn about project management, especially in international projects that I cared about.
    What really captivates me about Fooz is the value placed on each team member. Each person’s contribution is equally important, which fosters a harmonious and cohesive work environment. Company’s flexibility allows us to unleash our creativity and achieve exceptional results.
    I would recommend Fooz to anyone looking for an exciting work experience where interesting projects are intertwined with exceptional colleagues and great work atmosphere.


    Senior Full-stack Developer

    I started my adventure with programming in my school years, and it became my passion and way of life. Eventually, I found myself in WordPress, and I have been programming under the flag of Fooz for several years.
    What I appreciate most is the fact that I have a real impact on the company’s work and the direction in which the projects are developed – here, everyone can spread their wings and not only work but also contribute to how the work looks like.
    A definite plus is the emphasis that Fooz places on the development of not only the team but also individual units constantly following technological trends. Challenging projects, exciting challenges and a responsive approach to work are just icing on the cake here.


    Business Development Manager

    After several years in the IT industry, I wanted to find a company with huge potential for expansion in open-source software. That’s when I stumbled upon Fooz and stayed for longer. Over all of my four years here, I’ve observed our transition from a tiny firm to a close-knit people, creating an excellent environment.
    Our unwavering dedication to process automation and adopting fresh concepts is what defines Fooz. We don’t shy away from new opportunities, but rather embrace them enthusiastically, driving our quick development forward. Our rising customer base and initiatives only increase our freedom to act, fuelling more growth and accomplishment.

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