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The process

How we will work with you

Your big picture is ours too. We take your vision (of how the site should look and function) and implement it to be a great source of multiple leads.

Kick-off phase


initial project estimation

Based on the brief, wireframes or designs, we prepare detailed cost estimations along with the technical specifications and reusable modules list that you will need in the future.


Milestones agreement

We set up a milestones hierarchy to deliver in a particular order. This way, we can go live even with an MVP version and continue to develop remaining parts of the website post-launch.


team set-up

We assign a team to your project, usually a PM, 1-3 developers and a QA. We create a direct communication channel between your team and ours (usually using Slack Connect), so both parties can make quick decisions and stay up to date.


01. delivery

Each milestone is delivered to the staging environment, no matter if it’s a new subpage or only another module.

02. Content upload

At this stage, content editors can upload content to the site.

03. Quality assurance

Finally, we test it once more to make sure it’s working correctly and can be reused in almost any content scenario throughout the whole website.

04. Release

We push the changes (both in code and/or content) to the production server and make sure that staging, production and code repository are all aligned.

Support phase



We constantly monitor your website to help you achieve the best possible performance results. We make sure that every page has a performance higher than 90 points in Google Page Speed before analytical tools/pixels.


Support & testing

We can support you not only with some quick fixes but also during your marketing campaigns, A/B tests, analytics, and general developers overlook.



A great marketer with detailed analytical data in hand is a recipe for constant improvements. We will help you make that happen.

We’ve got your back

What you can expect


Each element is coded as a module and available in the module library. Thanks to that, you can build new subpages, landing pages and many more by using pre-coded blocks (just like the puzzles).


With cloud server solutions like AWS or WordPress VIP decentralized server infrastructure, we are able to handle any traffic.


We use the Gutenberg editor with a live editor feature, which is an intuitive and super-easy tool for content editing. It’s basically a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), and it’s made to comply
with all WordPress standards.


We arrange an online training for content editors, which is recorded and shared with you, along with the timestamps and table of contents.

Swift Communication

We believe in direct communication. That’s why we insist on having a quick, chat-like tool for being in touch. Usually shared Slack channel does the job.

A true partnership

We see our relationship with the clients as a partnership and have proof to support that it’s not only an empty phrase. We conduct quarterly NPS surveys, and aim to achieve the highest results.

The new website looks really good and, what’s most important, loads fast.

Andrzej bieda



Business Development Manager

Tech talk

What we can deliver

High quality code

We make sure that our code is clean, well-written and made with the newest tools available.

Great Performance

Well-written code results in great performance – both in terms of Google Page Speed results and user experience.

easy to use WordPress backend

We build websites that are made for actual use. They are flexible, intuitive and bulletproof.


We can provide all the custom API integrations you need. From CRMs to almost any custom software you can imagine. Been there, done that.

Continuous deployment

We optimise our release process using automatic continuous deployment from the Gitlab repository.


WordPress has a stigma of unsecured CMS, which is simply not true. Our security checklist consists of over 30 points which we conduct to make sure your site is secure.

Tech stack

We’re using


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