SaaS success story


Enterprise level, flexible WordPress tool prepared for considerable traffic and constant development – hitting the list of our TOP5 largest code size projects in both language versions.


About Landingi

Landingi is an online marketing SaaS solution providing practical web building resources, including graphic elements, fonts and templates, for clients from over 80 countries around the world.

The company’s flexible, open to feedback and ready to implement changes that make their product even more convenient and user friendly. That’s why they needed a new, rebranded, powerful and unfailing website.



450 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

Development phase

April 2020 – August 2020

Project’s release

August 2020

Support & Improvements

September 2020 – till now

Project’s scope

At first, we met with the whole Landingi team to discuss the topic of functionalities and widgets that need to be implemented on the website. It was of a core values from the very beginning of the development, since the company’s content was created by modules. We had to get detailed information to know how Landingi plans on using these modules in the future in order to prepare as many ready-made elements as possible.

At the same time, we presented the client with our previous projects to give them a glimpse of the result they may expect and establish any design shortcomings.

Our design consultant made sure that the frontend part of the development is well optimized and adjusted to the new website throughout the whole process of development.

WordPress development

Blog content migration

Responsive Web Design

SEO optimization

Performance optimization


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Pixel-perfect development

    We provided a high-quality, pixel-perfect frontend, working closely with the designers and making sure that it’s well optimized and adjusted to the new website. All the demanding design elements were implemented 100% as planned without compromising. We didn’t expect the client to change the project’s vision and resign from any advanced features or animations.

  • 02.

    Iterative manner of work

    We’ve decided upon an iterative manner of work with the client, recommending the order of implementation and providing current valuations. We extended Landingi’s team, being at their service whenever they needed our help.

  • 03.

    Simultaneous development

    All works were carried out simultaneously – we coded the front-end and the back-end at the same time as the design team prepared the UI. It allowed us to speed up the process and analyze the design abreast, implementing possible alterations on a regular basis.

  • 04.

    Working towards deadline

    We made it possible for Landingi to work on their content during the process of development. It let them keep their workflow intact and allowed us to work as one, flexible team which streamlined the project’s release.

  • 05.

    Cooperation with entire content team

    All of the Landingi team were engaged in the project. At its peak, there were 20 people involved in the process of development!

  • 06.


    To make the website seamlessly scalable, we used page builder blocks which allow adding further pages easily and without the need of coding them from scratch. The same tool streamlined the process of creating visually attractive content, too.


Business enhancement

Lead generation support

Landingi’s goal is constant conversion and lead generation – the website makes them possible as the first point of contact for potential clients. Being visually pleasant, fast, and UX-tampered, it keeps the users interested and engaged, maintaining the traffic of 250k people a month.

Complex data migration

We imported the whole website’s history with more than 100 blog articles and implemented them on the new template along with the previous content layers, photos, images and links (not to lose the SEO power they gained so far). Also, the entire Knowledge base of tech-articles, created in two languages, was imported as well, which saved the Landingi team from tedious manual work.

SEO friendliness

Load optimization and page experience are compliant with advanced Google guidelines. Thus, the website is both user and Google-bots friendly, and ready to make it big on organic search channels.

Work process made easier

A newly implemented website gave the Landingi team a vast range of possibilities when it comes to creating new content, building subpages, and changing the graphic layout. What’s more, created backend architecture allowed several content editors to work simultaneously whenever necessary.

Andrzej Bieda, CMO Landingi

We were looking for an experienced web development agency, specializing in WordPress implementations. Fooz was recommended to us by our friends from another agency. We started a rebranding process and one part of it was to design and implement a new website. Fooz agency was responsible for web development and launching it. Now, the new website looks really good and, most importantly, loads fast, so the experience of using it by our visitors is satisfactory. The quality of the frontend implementation was really good as well. Fooz understood what we expected and executed it very well.

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The website works like a living organism. We constantly help it grow, implementing new functionalities to enhance the user experience of Landingi’s clients even more. Having a common Slack channel, we’re able to respond on a regular basis and provide reliable support if the company’s content editors need our help or if there’s a new necessary feature to deploy.