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Your next web design project needs a solid development team that will seamlessly blend into your workflow, deliver on time, and understand the language you speak? We’re here.

Pixel-perfect approach

How we will work with you

We take over the entire web development process and convert your designs into a well-tested WordPress website.

During the UX/UI phase, we can help you with:


Pre-mockup estimation based on a brief

With a basic brief and some reference links, we are able to suggest a development budget and ask some, often critical, technology-related questions.


Discussing possible technology solutions, plugins, etc.

During your UX work with the client, we can act as a technology consultant that offers solutions according to the project’s budget.


Re-estimation based on mock-ups & mood boards

Once the UX phase is done, we help you with project re-estimation, prepare a development timeline, and divide the project into phases to meet the client’s deadlines.

Web development phase


Project kick-off

1-2hrs long meeting with all project team members. You will get to discuss your goals with our Project Manager and Tech Lead.


Ongoing delivery

We will keep you posted about the progress and push every milestone to the staging environment as soon as it is developed & tested.



We test our work in terms of the front-end and the WordPress back-end (WP dashboard), both on desktop and real mobile devices. Our goal is to ensure that our work is bulletproof and of the best quality.


Animations and effects

The final touch in terms of visual appearance. We can suggest proven solutions that work well across all devices and browsers.


 Integrations / API

If needed, we can set up API integrations, for instance, with CRMs or other third-party software. Sometimes we use official plugins for that as well.


CMS workshops

You will be asked to invite all the content editors that will work on the website for our comprehensive WP training. We are going to show you step-by-step how to use the dashboard we’ve built. The entire video session will be recorded and delivered to you with timestamps for future use.


Content upload

This is the final stage – during the content editors’ work, we support them with our WordPress know-how and fix all the errors that may occur during the content population phase.



To the server of your choice. We take over the tech talk at this stage and communicate directly with the dev-ops to make sure everything works correctly. We support all shared-hosting providers, as well as more advanced solutions like AWS or Azure.


Page speed optimization

To make sure that website is ready for visitors, we perform speed tests on the final production server and optimize the site according to the obtained results and reports.


WordPress security

The final step is our 30+ points WordPress security checklist.

After going live



You get a 12 month warranty on the site we’ve developed.


Ongoing support

If you want to have a developer at your disposal in case of any support tasks, we do that.


Further development

We can be in touch and support you with ongoing development work to further improve the website, build new modules, and help with A/B tests, landing pages, etc.

Our values in design

What you can expect

Pixel-perfect approach with an eye for detail

We came from design, so we see all these little details that make the difference in the final product.

Quality code according to latest standards

As a WordPress VIP company, we are constantly up to date with the newest tools, best practices, and coding standards.

Tech partner (PM&devs) that supports you with technology and the latest solutions

We aim to be your technical team member, not just another subcontractor.

Easy to use WordPress panel for your client & online training for content editors

We build websites that are made for actual use. They are flexible, intuitive and bulletproof.

Seamless workflow and direct communication

We can join your Slack, Teams or Basecamp channel (or we can set up one ourselves) or speak with you on a daily basis during stand-ups or sync-up meetings.

Familiarity with the design and PM tools

We use what you use for daily work, so there is a 99% chance that we are familiar with the tools of your choice 🙂

Design tools stack

We’re using

Success Story


A top-of-the-range, highly modern and interactive website for an international brand, distinguished as a perfect design role model for other industrial pages.

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