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A top-of-the-range, highly modern and interactive website for an international brand, distinguished as a perfect design role model for other industrial pages.


About Zmorph

Zmorph is a Polish manufacturer of all-in-one 3D printers distributed worldwide. It was launched as a startup in 2012, focusing on delivering reliable solutions for education and industrial applications and shortly becoming a considerable player on the market.

When the company decided on doing a thorough rebranding of its website and hired a qualified design team – Symbol Studio, Fooz was recommended as a competent partner to develop the site with all of its modern and advanced features.



920 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

Start of development

October 2020

First release correlated with a marketing campaign

December 2020

Second release focusing on a new offer

April 2021

Project’s scope

First, we had a short meet-up with Zmorph’s representatives to establish the scope of the project as well as the strict deadline which assumed only about a month to the first release. We arranged daily calls to update the client about the stages of work.

We also kept in touch with the external graphic designer to make sure that the development process goes hand in hand with the project’s requirements.

WordPress development

Blog content migration

SEO and size optimization

RWD for Webflow animations

Advanced microinteractions

Business needs and goals

The company wanted its website not only to follow all of the design assumptions, but also to be ready for a quick release before a planned marketing campaign.

All the designs and animations needed to be pixel-perfect, run smoothly and load seamlessly, being an appealing addition to the website’s content.


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Work towards tight deadline

    We engaged 4 developers to deliver the client’s website on time. The deadline’s been fierce, but we managed to meet it with no delays

  • 02.

    Paralel workflows

    When we started the process of development, the design stage wasn’t over yet. We implemented the views on a regular basis, being in constant touch with the designer and discussing the site’s performance with every introduced change.

  • 03.

    Pixel-perfect approach

    The development needed to be 100% coherent with the design. We paid a significant attention to animations, microinteractions and scrolling features as they were the key part to a successful implementation.

  • 04.

    Content migration

    We imported over 200 blog posts making sure to maintain their SEO power and proper performance.

  • 05.

    Advanced resellers’s map

    We implemented an intuitive resellers’ map with detailed information, possibility to find a reseller based on a specific country, geolocalization, and zooming in option.

  • 06.

    Performance optimization

    The website’s been quite heavy, so we did our best to optimize its size and make it load faster, especially on mobile devices. The most challenging part was coping with a large number of video files and animations. Each slider’s animation needed to be coherent with uploaded video reels, to start and stop them properly and thus optimize the site’s performance.


Business enhancement

Easy content management

Applying a simple page builder with a library of pre-coded modules, we provided the client with a useful tool to easily manage the content throughout the website. It’s possible to edit every piece of it aside from the animations. Thanks to dedicated blocks, a user is also able to create additional subpages as well as post new blogs and support articles without a developer’s help.

Seamless design by Symbol Studio

Having a beautifully designed and flawlessly working website defines the high quality of both the company and its products. It’s an undeniable flagship of every international premium brand and a definite must when it comes to reaching a new, demanding audience.

Improved customer support

We migrated the support entries managed on the external Zendesk platform so they could be easily edited and integrated with the offer page, keeping its SEO potential intact. We also integrated the ticket form with Zendesk allowing the support team to seamlessly manage the queries from the site.

Dawid Pałka
COO, Symbol Studio

Fooz knew that the focus was to create the site down to the smallest detail and delivered perfectly.

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After the first release and the worldwide marketing campaign, there’s been a record spike in the number of sales and the time spent on the website extended by four. What’s more, the website has been appreciated by Grafmag – a well known design magazine – which distinguished it as a perfect example of an industrial site.