SaaS success story

TKH Security

Revitalizing an outdated website into a global, user-centric platform, enhancing its online presence and business capabilities.


About TKH Security

TKH Security stands out in the technology solutions landscape, offering an array of products and services to enhance security, optimize asset and site management, and simplify parking management. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality and cyber security, making sure that each solution exceeds industry standards. With a robust global presence, TKH Security’s solutions have been implemented in over 80 countries, supported by 12 offices worldwide.



600 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

project’s launch

June 2023


June – December 2023

Go live and ongoing support

December 2023 – till now

Project’s scope

Our client faced the challenge of transcending their local success to establish a truly global online presence. The task at hand was ambitious: to reimagine their existing website into a global platform that could cater to diverse branches of their business spread across different countries.

Understanding the complexity of this endeavor, the client recognized the need for a comprehensive overhaul. Their current site was visually and functionally outdated, failing to reflect the company’s size and stature in the industry. The goal was to create a website that was aesthetically appealing and capable of satisfying the varied interests and needs of their international markets. This included implementing multiple language versions to ensure accessibility and relevance across different regions, starting with five key languages.

Our role in this transformative journey was focused on the technical implementation of WordPress, ensuring that the updated platform would be visually striking and communicate the company’s values and offerings more effectively.

Technical execution and custom development

The heart of the project was centred around custom WordPress development, tailored specifically to the client’s needs and the intricacies of the supplied design. It involved transforming the design into a fully functional and responsive website, adhering closely to the aesthetic vision and operational requirements set forth.

Strategic advisory and optimization

We provided expert advice on solution selection and optimization strategies. It included identifying the most effective pathways for implementation, advising on content layout for enhanced user engagement, and implementing SEO best practices for maximum visibility. Furthermore, the project scope included assisting with content creation and optimization, offering support in content filling, and advising on the strategic direction for future development.

Collaborative design process

The design process was iterative and highly collaborative, involving continuous consultations with our team. This synergy allowed for integrating innovative ideas, such as incorporating news updates and customer stories into the site’s layout. The close cooperation between design, development, and discovery teams was crucial in achieving a cohesive and user-centric final product.

Scalability and performance

The new website needed to be poised for future growth. This was achieved by building the site with scalability in mind, utilizing reusable components that allow for easy expansion and adaptation. We emphasized creating a lightweight and fast website, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices and connection speeds.


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Participation in the design phase and content organization

    Our involvement from the early stages of the design process allowed us to guide the content layout effectively. Working closely with the design team guaranteed that the content was not only well-organized but also aligned with the visual narrative of the site.

  • 02.

    Catering to global needs

    As the website had to resonate with diverse regions, we implemented a strategy that involved extensive research and consultation with regional representatives. This way, the content, design, and functionality were relevant and accessible to all target audiences, effectively addressing the theme of globality.

  • 03.

    Recruitment area integration

    Integrating the recruitment section from the HR department required developing a custom integration that pulls job listings into WordPress from the client’s recruitment system. This two-way integration streamlined the process, allowing the website to always display up-to-date job openings, enhancing the recruitment experience.

  • 04.

    custom wordpress extension

    We developed a custom WordPress extension, which proved to be a game-changer in expanding the capabilities of the platform. We were able to augment and extend the native features of WordPress, effectively empowering the website with enhanced functionalities tailored to the client’s unique requirements.

  • 05.

    row merging

    Our development process encompassed the integration of a wide array of advanced frontend functionalities, effectively elevating the capabilities of the platform to new heights. Through meticulous design and implementation, we added numerous supplementary features that not only enhance the user experience but also expand the overall scope of the system.

  • 06.

    Multilingual support

    To make the website accessible to a global audience from the start, we leveraged a plugin powered by DeepL for language translation, creating automatic multilingual versions of the site. Starting with five key languages, this approach allowed us to manage and update language-specific content efficiently, making the website truly international.

  • 07.

    Tight deadlines and iterative delivery

    We adopted an iterative development approach, delivering the project in phases. This allowed us to manage the workload effectively, make continuous improvements, and ensure that each section of the site was given the needed attention. Despite the time constraints, this method facilitated a timely delivery without compromising on quality.


Business enhancement

Flexible and scalable content management

A flexible, scalable builder empowered the client with true ownership of their digital presence. They can now effortlessly edit the site, adding new customer stories, news updates, and additional sections as their business evolves. This capability was a departure from the previous, more rigid, cluttered and limiting structure, offering a clean slate for growth and expansion.

HR and recruitment innovation

A custom integration with the HR office platform automates the import of job listings directly into the site. It eliminates the need for HR to manually manage content, allowing for automatic job offers creation and publication. Furthermore, applications submitted through the website are directly fed into the HR system, bypassing the need for conventional contact forms and maintaining GDPR compliance and data protection standards.

Global reach and multilingual accessibility

Implementing WPML and our custom plugin has been pivotal in addressing the global and multilingual nature of the client’s operations. Such a setup facilitated content creation in multiple languages and boosted organic SEO across different markets. Additionally, a custom geolocation feature enhanced the user experience by suggesting the local language version of the site based on the user’s location.

Secure and simplified access

Integration with a single sign-on (SSO) system has streamlined administrative access to the website. It allowed company administrators to log in using their corporate accounts, simplifying the login process while ensuring a high level of security.


Our collaboration with the client transcended the typical boundaries of a professional engagement, blossoming into a profound and enduring partnership. It has evolved into an ongoing dialogue, facilitated by a dedicated channel on Slack where we engage in weekly conversations. We provide the client with regular updates, brainstorming sessions, strategy discussions, and occasionally, we simply catch up on the latest news.

Since its launch, the website has exhibited exceptional performance, serving as a pivotal component in the company’s narrative and effectively propelling its growth. With its assistance, the client’s team has streamlined their content work, achieving new heights and expanding their horizons. The website is scalable, editable, and adaptable, which is crucial in the rapidly changing world of digital presence.