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A convenient offer presentation website that simplifies the purchasing process and generates leads.


About DRE

DRE is the most popular door producer in Poland. Launched in 1989, the company distributes its products all around Europe, conquering new markets and contracts that build its local brand. It creates innovative solutions that enhance the process of production and sales, being ahead of its foreign competitors.



1800 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

Project’s launch and release

April 2020 – November 2020

Door frame configuration with a separate API

October 2021

Constant development of service


Business needs and goals

Being in-line with their customers’ expectations, DRE wanted us to streamline the purchase process through a dedicated configuration on the website, making it maximally convenient to place an order in their store.



Integration with API

Speed and SEO optimization

Performance optimization


Door configurator

Door configurator allows customers to design their own products adjusting them to their individual needs. They can choose from varied textures, panels, colors, sizes, and select a particular door type. Completed form generates a request that returns the price of the configured door.
Apart from that, a customer can customize a door frame choosing from different colors and parameters, and then get the price of the full set.


After completing the configuration, the form goes to the clipboard, gets a unique number and a graphic representation.
Products stored on the clipboard can be edited, exported in the form of a pdf, sent to a customer’s email or forwarded directly to a distributor. A printed pdf lets the customers place an order for chosen items in a physical store. If they prefer sending the configuration directly to a distributor, it’s automatically treated as an order and obliges the store to contact the client with details. Distributors can be chosen from a list, being grouped according to cities and districts. A customer can also use an interactive map to find the closest store and get its contact information.

Intelligent search engine

DRE offers many various products and collections – there are about 400 door models that consist of dozens of parameters. An intelligent search engine dynamically generates a set of options and suggests possible solutions based on the customer’s queries.


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Complexity of the configurator

    The idea of the DRE website is that a ready-made product doesn’t exist before establishing a set of features in the process of configuration. In the course of work the project got more and more complex, and it turned out that we didn’t know its real scope during the first launch.

  • 02.

    Delivering the website on time

    We needed to be highly responsive throughout the whole cooperation, because some of the processes were established ad hoc. We were always ready to answer our client’s needs and to adjust the website to the company’s new requirements.

  • 03.

    Integration with API

    Thanks to the integration we made, the products are downloaded from the API which stores all the elements needed during configuration. However, the amount of data downloaded from the API is so large that it was a challenge to make the import fast, efficient and easily updated.


Business enhancement

Offer presentation

Previous website was very limited and didn’t present enough information about offered products. Now, a customer can use the knowledge from a regularly updated blog and an inspiration section – they both help in choosing the right model and are a real content boost when it comes to DRE’s products online presentation.

Offer filtering

Offer presentation on the previous website was based on an irregularly published pdf catalog. Now, a client is able to use a system of filters and search engines to find a perfect product and doesn’t have to go through the vast catalog pages.

Lower bounce rate

Visiting a website that doesn’t conveniently present the offer a customer is interested in, generates a high bounce rate. By providing their clients with professional and detailed offer presentations, the company successfully reduced the number of people leaving the page without submitting the order form.

Lead generation

Product configuration is so pleasant and easy that potential customers can use it at any time and from any device. When a client sends the configured product to a chosen distributor, a store is actually provided with a valid lead.

SEO optimization

We verified the website according to all the relevant SEO requirements, checking its performance, speed and content presentation. This way, the company has a ready-made online showcase that’s perfectly optimized for search engines.

Technical enhancement

The WordPress CMS enables translating the website into different languages. It includes a simple page builder that consists of convenient blocks which can be easily duplicated and used on different pages.

Dawid Skinder, CEO Challenge Studio

They know their job – simple as that. They are taking initiative, can think outside the box when necessary and roll up their sleeves when the deadline is tight. We were also impressed by how quick they are to solve unexpected issues or respond to change requests from clients.

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The website provides an intelligent and intuitive configuration tool to enhance the customer purchase process and generate leads for DRE’s distributors. It’s a convenient way to present the variety of products, boosting the customer experience of the website and preventing the clients from leaving it before placing an order