SaaS success story

Elisa Polystar

Quick and painless transfer of the company’s website into a new system with a noticeable enhancement in its performance and maintenance of its crucial elements.


About Elisa Polystar

Elisa Polystar is a large and active player on the communication market. It offers diverse software solutions and tackles areas such as automation, AI, machine learning, analytics, and data management, being trusted by the biggest telecom companies globally.



450 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

Discovery sessions

November 2022

Development Phase

December 2022 – January 2023

Go Live

February 2023

Project’s scope

As the client bought two additional brands and merged them into the company, they also wanted to integrate them into the current website.

Our job was to redesign some of the projects and rewrite the site into WordPress, providing it with better performance, larger flexibility, responsiveness, and option for future development.

We covered:

1) Manual construction of page elements block by block

2) Mapping every detail from the previous website

3) Adjusting every block to the current site to make it easily editable, mobile, and possible to use globally on different subpages and in varied configurations

4) Importing content from the previous website

5) Current design adjustments and some design elements made from scratch

6) Performance update

7) Deployment to the client’s server


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Simplifications & enhancements

    We suggested that additional product pages should be based on the previously created blocks to simplify the process and maintain budget-friendly.

  • 02.


    We recreated the elements from the previous website with the utmost accuracy, so the look and feel of it maintained the same.

  • 03.

    Meeting the deadline

    The website needed to be ready before the MWC Barcelona 2023 trade show that the company took part in, which meant a limited amount of time to prepare it, but we managed to meet the deadline.


Business enhancement

Enhanced business channel

We created a new, optimized, fully modifiable website based on the previous solution, speeding up the process of content creation and publication options on the site.

Easy development

If the client needs to rebrand or change the website’s layout, they can only work on the graphics layer, which makes the product easier to develop.

Merged product offer

Both of the brands taken over by the company are now presented as two additional product offers on the website.


The website is adjusted for the mobile devices which is a step forward, as the previous version wasn’t responsive at all.

SEO friendliness

The site has been optimized in terms of speed and SEO which makes it index better and get higher positions in the search results, enhancing its recognizability.

Alexandru Chiuariu, Digital Marketing Specialist

The quality of the deliverables was top notch, which speaks volumes about how talented these people are. Communication with Fooz went very well, and any feedback or additional requests that we had were implemented quickly. Everyone with whom we interacted knew the best practices, which helped them come up with very valuable suggestions.
It is quite rare in today’s world for a project to be delivered on time, within budget, and with all the required features, but Fooz did just that and more. The fact that our collaboration extended past our initial project is undeniable proof that the quality of Fooz’s services and people is truly impressive!

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The company gained a new, highly improved website with two additional product pages, ready within only two months and on time for the planned trade show. It’s prone for future enhancements and development, being an easily editable and flexible tool for showcasing the client’s offer.