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What we do

Fast & cost effective MVPs

CUSTOM WooCommerce development

Microservices integrations

Paid-content websites

The process

How we will work with you

From business ideas, through workshops, wireframes, and technology, to the final product. We follow industry-standard processes, but thanks to WordPress – on a much smaller budget.

Discovery phase


Initial workshop

The opportunity to speak with the design & development team about your business idea is a first step in the process of moving the project from “thinking” into “doing”.


Wireframes phase

The first step is to see the project alive, even in lo-fi form. We create a clickable “model” of your web application, so we can discuss it in detail and perform the first usability tests.


Technology selection

With all the functionalities mapped on the wireframes, we are able to propose proper technology solutions, agree on milestones, timelines, and estimate the budget.

Development Phase



During this phase, we are working on the aesthetic side of the project, by adding a graphical layer to the wireframes we created.



With the design and functionalities in place, we begin the development process according to the milestones and agreed scope.


Quality assurance

We provide a professional QA team specialized in web&mobile application testing to make sure everything works properly before going live.


First release

Today is the big day! We’ll ensure that the website launches without any issues. Afterwards, it’s back to work as we move on to the next sprint.

Continuous improvements 


User feedback

After the first release of your website, you will receive a lot of user feedback. Work needed for its implementation will be taken into account in our work pipeline.


Additional post-launch features

Once the project is up and running, it’s time to develop it even further, extend its functionalities and provide users with new features.


Backlog tasks

All of these additional tasks that come from users and business owners, are stored in the project backlog. We will decide together which ones to work on.

Why WordPress?

The ultimate goal is to launch early. WordPress may not be the final solution in the long run, but that’s not what’s important at this stage. For startup projects, it’s all about speed to market. The goal is to go live as soon as possible, deliver users a working website, generate traffic, and generate income. After a while, it might turn out that your business idea is working, and – for example – you got funded.


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