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Why Custom WordPress Is the Future for SaaS and Technology Companies

Building custom WordPress sites from scratch can be a daunting task for a business owner, but it offers several benefits that make it worth considering.

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Natalia Barańska

Marketing Specialist

SaaS (Software as a Service) and technology companies need websites that are not only captivating but also function seamlessly. The ultimate solution for achieving this digital excellence is custom WordPress. In this blog post, we will focus why custom WordPress is the future for SaaS and technology companies.

From unmatched flexibility and security to a personalized user experience, we will uncover how custom WordPress can pays off in several areas.

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Chapter 1: The Power of Customization

Custom WordPress allows for 100% customization of the content on the website without the hard coding. Every element — texts, CTAs, images, videos, entire sections etc. become effortlessly editable. You are not exposed to any limitations of third-party tools thanks to a custom WordPress and its intuitive page builder.

Custom code is maximally scalable and tailored to your needs, and you get a ready-made product for marketing without needing to engage a developer or WordPress specialist. When implemented, you will obtain a set of reusable elements that may be utilized throughout the website, which helps content writers easily and intuitively create new subpages, descriptions of new services and products, case studies, and more using the visual drag-and-drop builder.

Chapter 2: Website’s Performance

Every passing year brings a heightened focus on website performance and accessibility, a key reliant on the precise semantics of the code and the adeptness of applied solutions. Thanks to custom WordPress build, the website can be edited and adjusted to make the performance as good as possible. This level of control empowers us with 100% command over the website, ensuring a balance between function and form. Whats more, page speed is not only important from the user perspective, it’s also a crucial factor when it comes to Google rank and organic SEO.

When considering off-the-shelf solutions, the challenge often lies in the lack of comprehensive control, inhibiting adaptation to the website’s performance prerequisites. Especially in the SaaS industry, where websites serve as pivotal sales funnels, securing leads, and facilitating purchases, the need for swift, accessible global access is imperative. Already at the stage of entering the website, SaaS companies fight to acquire users, guarantee them experience and deliver quickly.

Chapter 3: Profitable Investment

In the world of SaaS, investing in a website typically falls within a 3-4 year plan. For many SaaS startups, the website becomes a make-or-break factor right from the beginning. As they step onto the market stage with their product, a website acts as a beacon, allowing their innovation to resonate, and ultimately sell.
Hence, the importance of investing in a robust, custom WordPress solution becomes clear. Leveraging an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version, the company is able to quickly check online demand for the product. This rapid deployment helps initiate sales and offers a foundation for further development, ensuring tailored code and additional elements catered to specific needs.

Chapter 4: The Future of WordPress Web Building

Embracing native Gutenberg within WordPress become the definitive way forward. The rapid development of Gutenberg and full site editing with it have been the clear priorities of its creators and the WordPress community. This is evident in the regular release of new WordPress versions as well as in the Roadmap. Your website will profit from this work in the long run by building the website on these native solutions.

When opting for an external builder, we bind ourselves to the builder’s direction. At Fooz, we create custom components, expanding the set of blocks that comes with Gutenberg at the beginning, and we do it based on WordPress Codex and Gutenberg documentation. This synergy guarantees wide-ranging, enduring benefits and seamless integration for your website, aligning it with the latest WordPress innovations.

Chapter 5: Long-Term Success

By starting cooperation and working on one technical template, the client receives a team of specialists who can develop the website further. With an unified team handling the project, there’s a streamlined communication, shared expertise, and a synchronized workflow, fostering a more efficient development process.

However, our cooperation continues after the website’s launch and allows, thanks to our expert team, to further expand the website and monitor its performance – this can be achieved using Google Search Console and tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. Any change, whether in the visual sphere or when you want to add new features, is possible thanks to custom code, which allows quick and efficient implementation of changes that can be continuously developed.

Chapter 6: Tailored Solutions for Marketers

The SaaS industry thrives on action and demands effective solutions. Within this domain, we, as Fooz, comprehend that websites are a marketing instruments wielded by marketers, finely tuned to their needs. Our solutions of custom WordPress are crafted specifically for marketers, serving as powerful tools for sales, promotions, and editorial strategies. Alongside WordPress, our toolkit boasts versatile features like a multi-search engine, mega menu, and global CTA management.

These tools, made for conversions and content accessibility, are a result of the collective expertise of our developers, project managers, and clients, allowing us to seamlessly translate this knowledge into websites. Given our experience, SaaS websites aren’t unfamiliar territory, so we understand their evolving needs and how to cater to them, all built upon our customized code.


Custom WordPress emerges as the answer for SaaS and tech companies venturing into the digital landscape. This bespoke approach is a commitment to tailor-made solutions that align with the needs of these evolving industries. A scalable and versatile website that can change and grow with your organization should be made with custom WordPress website development and as your demands evolve, you may easily add additional features or functionalities without beginning from scratch.

SaaS and technology companies can be sure that custom WordPress will meet their expectations, and with sets of content management features, their website will be a tool for selling their services and spreading their content.

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Your digital journey begins here, with a custom WordPress solution crafted by Fooz – a solution that propels your online presence to new heights, ensuring it stands out, captivates, and converts.