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Custom WordPress Development Explained: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) used to create and modify websites. It’s one of the most popular platforms for web development for a reason – thanks to this tool, it’s quite easy to customize any digital site to fit your business. There are many ways to build a WordPress web…

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Michał Kaźmierczak

Founder & Ceo

What is Custom WordPress Development?

It’s also worth highlighting that bespoke WordPress development offers more flexibility and scalability than using pre-designed themes, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who wish to establish a more distinctive and powerful online presence. 

What’s more, the development process can be as simple as adjusting an existing design, or more complicated, like when rebuilding an entire website.

Therefore, non-standard WordPress creation might be necessary for some projects because of its capabilities. Since it usually involves coding and programming skills, you can be sure that the development team knows its stuff and will surely deliver your dream page. 

Benefits of Customised WordPress Web Development

Tailored development services for your WordPress website are associated with a number of advantages. 

Let’s name a few:

👉 The client has complete control over the design, functionality, regular updates, and extra features of their web page. Consequently, such a site can be customized to meet the unique needs of a business, scaled as it grows, quickly modified, etc. In addition to offering unique designs that reflect a company’s brand identity and personality, a WordPress development company can help differentiate a business from competitors.

👉 Having a site that is tailored to the client’s unique business needs and objectives provides a more personalized experience for all interested parties. That’s because they are SEO-friendly and load faster since they are optimized for speed and performance. This can result in higher search engine rankings, better SEO strategy, increased traffic, and improved user journey.

👉 The development of WordPress custom sites can be created prudently from the start, with many security features which help to protect against hacks and data breaches. In addition, it can be seamlessly integrated with e-commerce platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

👉 Even though the process of WordPress customization may require a higher development cost, it will provide significant savings in the long run. That’s because it eliminates the need to pay ongoing licensing fees and other recurring expenses associated with pre-designed templates and kits.

As you can see, tailoring WordPress web design provides a range of benefits that can help organizations create a strong online presence and achieve their business goals.

The Custom WordPress Development Process


The first step is proper goal identification and planning. This involves: 

  • establishing the business idea, 
  • setting up multiple business decisions, 
  • gathering requirements, 
  • and defining the scope of the project. 

Communication between teams or an outside firm, if you hire one, is key here. Parties work together to understand needs and goals, create a development solution, and outline a project plan that highlights the work schedule, budget, and features of the website.

#2 Design

The digital design phase involves creating mockups, design files, or interactive prototypes that show the page’s layout, user interface, and user experience. 

The client will provide feedback and revisions until the final design is agreed upon. The creation process can take a long time, depending on the revisions being made and visions changing. This is a very exciting step that plans begin to turn into reality!

#3 Develop

Now it’s time for the development phase. This step involves building a site using WordPress and a custom development approach that includes:

  • the coding phase (front-end and CMS back-end),
  • creating new templates and additional features, 
  • RWD – implementation of responsive web design,
  • implementation of external APIs (if needed),
  • and more, depending on the project’s scope.

In general, the development consultants and architects will create custom solutions, templates, and features and will use various means to meet the requirements outlined in the planning phase.

#4 Test

It doesn’t end there because it’s the moment for testing, which involves performing quality control. This allows to identify and resolve, as early as possible, the lists of factors, bugs, and issues with core functionality. 

Specialists will run tests in multiple environments, such as staging or test servers, and perform a log analysis to make sure the site works as expected.

#5 Launch

After diligent planning, finishing the custom design process, completion of all modifications in the development phase, including security features and additional functionalities, testing, and final approval by the client, the web is launched in a real environment, making it publicly available to users.

Is it over? Not quite. After all, you can’t leave your masterpiece alone.

#6 Care and Maintenance

Then there is the final stage, which is the ongoing site maintenance. This part includes support and updates to ensure it remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for performance. 

This phase does not end after a day, a week, or even a month. Taking care of the page is not a one-time adventure but a continuous process that will help you keep your web at the highest level, delivering customer satisfaction.

Challenges of Customised WordPress Development

It all sounds great, but as you can probably guess, there may be some challenges ahead. You have nothing to worry about, as they are solvable, but it’s worth it if you have a full picture of what working on tailored development in WordPress is like, what to be aware of, etc.

So, to the point:

Technical complexity

Developing a successful custom WordPress site requires a deep understanding and knowledge of its architecture. It’s also essential to be familiar with development best practices, and web development technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS, React and JavaScript. 

Also, tailored WordPress sites demand constant maintenance and updates to stay safe, perform well, and work with the latest plugins and WordPress versions.

So you need to have the right amount of time, tools, and skills to be able to customize WordPress pages. Or hire experienced developers. It’s quite obvious, though.

Compatibility issues

Technical complexity brings us to the next point – custom WordPress web theme development may not be compatible with other plugins or themes, which can result in issues and conflicts.

But it’s easy to skip this problem too. Just simply keep it in mind during the designing and development process. This way, you will be able to tailor your project to any specification you want.


It is no surprise that the development costs of customizable pages are higher. Sometimes even much higher. 

Custom designs can be expensive, especially if you hire experienced specialists with a strong portfolio. Clients must be prepared to invest in their webpage, understanding the value of their online presence and how the development budget is important.

But look at this from a positive angle – on the other side, you have a professional development agency, design company, project managers, and so on. They are all highly qualified. This means that experts will take care of your needs and provide you with the kind of results you won’t get using common templates or plugins. 


WordPress is a highly customizable platform, and with that comes increased responsibility in terms of decision-making. Again, here you need time, knowledge, and certainty of your goal, which is what you want to achieve.  

Sometimes you may be unsure where to start and what to prioritize – especially if you haven’t established clear business requirements and objectives. Meanwhile, custom development calls for a deep understanding of your needs. 

Therefore, first things first. Establish your goals and communicate all your insights to design agencies or others.

Why Hiring WordPress Developer Agency is Worth It?

Each of these problems can be avoided if you hire a professional developer to do a WordPress web tailored to your needs. There are many pluses of such a solution, including:

  • You work with people who have expert knowledge and experience in WordPress development.
  • They use development solutions that are tailored to your specific needs rather than relying on pre-built projects.
  • You can count on them for ongoing support and maintenance to keep your website secure and current.

It is known that hiring WordPress devs takes additional costs and money, but such an investment will quickly pay off. 

In return, you will get a system tailored to you, working on your terms, and adjusted to your technical requirements. You will be able to abandon the thought of free plugins from free systems that are often not reliable and can only do more damage.

Once again, we will emphasize the fact that in custom WordPress development, you have an impact on every element of the process. It doesn’t involve any knowledge from you because you outsource it to specialists. You only give instructions and check the results. Plugins, on the other hand, do not give you such flexibility. On the contrary, you are the one who has to adapt to them.

And remember that free tools look attractive, but often they are not free at all. Unfortunately. It becomes apparent very quickly that they are paid. 

They either cause damage that you have to repair and that already costs money, or the free version is so limited that it’s not enough for your needs, and you quickly have to upgrade it to enjoy the system’s capabilities.

So it’s often better to save yourself the trouble with troublesome free solutions.

Fooz is Your Reliable WordPress Development Partner

Are you having trouble finding a professional agency that can help you out? 

We will take care of that issue.

Fooz agency provides medium-sized companies with high-quality websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. 

But it’s not the words that play a major role here, but our portfolio, which shows projects done for many industries. As you’ll notice, our designs can differ because we don’t use standard templates but work with clients to create something unique together. Therefore, we work closely with marketing teams, design agencies, and IT companies. All so your business can grow.

Don’t see your industry there? That’s even better! You can become our first customer, and together we will create something unprecedented.

Custom WordPress development provides proprietary solutions instead of crummy plugins and themes. In this case, you are only limited by your imagination. If you want to see how it works, don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form, and we will answer all your questions.

Over to you

Custom website development can be the best choice for your business. You already know the benefits that come with it, the process, and the potential challenges you can circumvent with the right steps. 

If you don’t know where to start, trust the experts. Hiring a WordPress development agency like Fooz can boost your digital presence on the web. Especially if you have specific needs and goals that cannot be met with a pre-built solution.