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We specialize in creating custom code using clean React and Gutenberg, with a strong focus on performance and flexibility for content marketers during the editing process.

web design

We specialize in UX and UI design, with extensive experience in creating user-friendly interfaces. The design we deliver is designed to meet core business objectives. Our team specializes in creating content hub for marketing departments in the technology and SaaS industries.

Support and maintenance

We are a reliable partner that specializes in supporting and maintaining your existing WordPress site. Our team effectively manages the backlog and develops new components and features according to your requirements. Trust us to keep your site running smoothly and always up-to-date.

fixing performance and other issues

We excel at optimizing your site’s performance to meet your expectations. If you encounter any WordPress-related problems, we are always willing to help you and find a satisfactory solution.

Multilingual websites AUTOMATION

With our Fooz Live Translate Plugin you can translate all selected subpages with any language with just one click.

Fooz delivered high-quality work in a timely manner. They were very accurate in implementing the design and responsive throughout entire project.

Jakub Czakon

CMO in neptune.ai


Business Development Manager

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maintaining the backlog

Fooz delivered an appealing, functional, and SEO-friendly website, setting us apart from competitors. Fooz met all project timelines and ensured clear and transparent communication. Their project management, dedication, expertise, and prompt responsiveness were commendable.

Marcin Racino

Co-Founder in Startquestion

Fooz delivered a great, fast-loading website capable of seamlessly manage nine language versions. Their team proposed great solutions and executed our vision perfectly. They also responded and addressed corrections quickly.

Michał Bryzek

SEO Specialist in eSky

Fooz delivered the website on time and within the budget. Their team had a sense of aesthetic and technological know-how, which was reflected in designing a high-quality website. We were impressed with the speed of their work, commitment to the project, and effective communication.

Radosław Szmit 

Head of Growth in DAC.digital

Fooz delivered a user-friendly and fresh-looking site that changed the platform’s UX and opened a new line of services distribution. Fooz was effective, responsive, and communicative on the project’s progress. Fooz’s team was understanding and committed to the project’s needs.

Alicja Czaplicka

Digital Marketing Specialist in CloudFerro

Case Studies

Successful projects


Delivering a state-of-the-art, responsive website, empowering the client to provide seamless access to Earth Observation data and tools.

4+ months


A refreshed and modernized website, designed to enhance the workflow of content editors. With an impressive array of 9 language versions and ample room for expansion, the platform paves the way for seamless growth and limitless possibilities.

7+ months


Exceeding the client’s expectations with an Atomic Design driven approach to building a highly customizable, global website, ready to conquer foreign markets. 

12+ months


Enterprise level, flexible WordPress tool prepared for considerable traffic and constant development – hitting the list of our TOP5 largest code size projects in both language versions.

5+ months

Impact hub zurich

Reimagining the company’s digital space with a strategic overhaul for enhanced content management and seamless user interaction.

12+ months


Fully editable and flexible website for SaaS platform, supporting the process of conversion, and ready for future growth.

12+ months
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FAQ Development

Automatic translation

Site Performance

Site Restoration

Seamless Migration



Business Development Manager

How much does it cost?

Our pricing model operates at an hourly rate of 60 euros. We assess tasks individually each time and settle payments based on monthly reports, with no upfront fees.

How quickly can you start?

We will kick-off your project within a week.

Can you develop my design?

We will implement your design from Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator or Adobe XD and other.

how do we cooperate?

We start by creating a dedicated project team led by a Project Manager. For quick communication, we will create one channel, usually Slack or Teams. Together we will create a backlog of tasks that we will work on and discuss during weekly sprints.

In what time zones do you work?

We adapt to different time zones, operating primarily between GMT-8 and GMT+9. While you rest, we take care of the tasks you have assigned to us.
All we need is at least 1 hour that overlaps to call each other when needed.

What is WordPress VIP certification?

WordPress VIP certification is a prestigious acknowledgment granted by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Automattic oversees the WordPress VIP program, which recognizes agencies and developers for their expertise in creating enterprise-level WordPress solutions.