Success story

Exceeding the client’s expectations with an Atomic Design driven approach to building a highly customizable, global website, ready to conquer foreign markets. Nominated for 2022 Mobile Trends Awards, in Mobile Website RWD category


About is a Polish startup operating in the ML/AI industry, offering a platform that helps businesses manage the construction of artificial intelligence models.

It has been recognized in the prestigious CBInsights ranking “Top 100 AI Startups” for two consecutive years.



900 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

Development phase

August 2022 – November 2022


November 2022

Ongoing support

December 2022 – till now

Project’s scope

The company needed a totally new website – visually appealing, modern and descriptive enough to give the whole overview of the product. The site had to include pricing, service details, additional benefits, articles repository, and support. 

Main motivation was neptune’s rebranding. Previous site was obsolete and didn’t go well with the company’s growth. They wanted their online showcase to be more global, up to date, and ready to conquer foreign markets. 

Lastly, as the website’s blog generated a lot of traffic and drove the business, it needed to be implemented with attention to every little detail.

Emphasis on mobile devices

Atomic design driven development

Maintaining the current power of SEO

WordPress CMS with live editor

Blog migration – over 400 articles & 100 guides

Atomic design

The website was built from modular elements, bringing a totally new approach and final results. We worked on an extremely complicated design system which covered every detail of smaller and larger elements, their behavior in different dimensions, colors, images, charts, blocks with code, sizes, and parts that could be edited by the site’s admin.

Seeing the system’s complexity, we decided to approach the project from the microelements level and develop each element created in the design system so that it could be used in building custom pages according to the client’s strict wishes.

As the design system was very coherent and consistent, we couldn’t afford to make any concessions. Nonetheless, we managed to follow the new Atomic Design approach which resulted in exceeding the client’s expectations.


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Close cooperation with a designer

    The design was created in an iterative manner during the development phase. We discussed every element together with the designer, working jointly in an agile approach. The development was tested by the designer on a regular basis, and constant communication via Slack along with weekly meetups allowed us for a faster implementation.

  • 02.


    The website’s structure was rebuilt based on new modules, maintaining mechanisms from the previous site which turned out to be a backend challenge.

  • 03.

    Reusable blocks

    We build predefined layout sets, ready to be used on different subpages. Although the process was quite complicated, it made our work easier as we were able to use the previously developed elements. Thanks to reusable blocks a user can choose, display, and modify a set. We also started using native WordPress blocks while working with templates, making the most of their possibilities.

  • 04.

    Optimized CMS back-end approach

    We needed to change our development approach to optimize the backend. Simple HTML elements could simulate e.g. a slider without the script that weighed down the website. The blocks were divided into frontend and backend ones and didn’t have to look alike.


Business enhancement

Fresh sales platform

The client gained a new website which is a selling point for their application and a thorough presentation of available services and features. Modern, visually attractive graphic layout, scalability, appealing blog posts and guides all built up for the website’s new user experience and allow the creation of unique content easily by the client’s team.

Global appeal

The website is made according to current global trends which gives it a competitive edge on foreign markets and a possibility to gain new investors, customers and quick growth.

Jakub Czakon

Implementing the design as it was designed. That is very rare in going from idea to implementation. Very responsive and quick to help/discuss. Great service, can’t recommend them enough. If you are going for WP implementation, these guys are for you.


The client, stakeholders and investors are all satisfied with the final result, coherent with their line of business. We still stay in touch for ongoing support, improvements, and site’s development.

Now, the website meets all of the client’s business requirements – it’s very fast, server- and frontend-wise, has a convenient, light menu, and builds up for a user’s pleasant experience.