A trailblazing journey from outdated to outstanding, where advanced technology meets user-friendly design in the heart of the Polish window and door industry.


About Oknonet

Oknonet.pl is a comprehensive online portal, well-known in the Polish market for specializing in the building joinery industry with a focus on windows and doors. It offers a comprehensive array of branch-related content, including product catalogs, latest news, expert articles, and discussion forums.

Additionally, the platform is a key resource for professionals in the field, providing insights into new trends and technologies, and facilitating networking and business opportunities within the window, door, shutters and manufacturing sector.



3200 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

project’s launch

February 2022

in progress

February 2022 – October 2023

project’s release

October 2023

Project’s scope

The client approached us with an outdated website built on the 16-year-old CMS Actualizer. Our task was to migrate and update the site, adapting it to a new visual design while keeping changes minimal. We focused on improving user experience and redesigned the user interface to enhance content editing capabilities. The project involved a large-scale import of products, company presentations, and blog content, ensuring easy navigation for users accustomed to the old layout. We needed to refresh the website subtly, aligning with the client’s desire for familiarity and ease of use.

UX/UI redesign

Implementing the updated site

Importing all content from the old service

Creating a partner companies dashboard with the possibility to edit product details and photos

Ad Management option including controlling ad display frequency on the portal

Tracking statistics, e.g. views of products and posts

Admin oversight – receiving updates on edits made by firms on their profiles

Expanded product catalog featuring over 450 product categories, requiring meticulous mapping and categorization

Forum integration – displaying current forum posts on the website

YouTube Integration – extracting video thumbnails for display


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Understanding and migrating from an archaic system

    The key hurdle was to analyze and transfer content from an outdated system to WordPress. It was especially challenging due to the need to retain the original structure of the old service, which wasn’t straightforward given its archaic nature.

  • 02.

    Post-launch UI modifications

    After the site’s initial launch, it required numerous revisions and changes. These adjustments were essential to ensure the user interface met users’ evolving needs and expectations and aligned with the latest design standards.

  • 03.

    Handling a large number of indexed links

    The site had a substantial number of links already indexed by Google. Creating a comprehensive system of redirects was crucial to maintaining SEO efficiency and user navigation. This intricate process required detailed attention to ensure users and search engines could seamlessly access the new site structure without encountering broken links.

  • 04.

    Optimizing the search engine for high-volume 

    Optimizing the search engine to handle this volume efficiently was vital, with a vast array of products and companies listed. The goal was to provide users with a fast, responsive, and accurate search experience, enabling them to quickly find the information they needed despite the complexity and size of the database.

New refreshed design

A complete redesign modernized the look and feel of the website, making it more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Sophisticated advertising system

A more advanced advertising system features new ad zones and clients’ ability to upload banners, thus greatly increasing the site’s marketing potential.

Enhanced content management

The new system allows clients to easily add and manage products, articles, points of sale, and other content through a simplified dashboard. This is a significant improvement over the previous system, where all content had to pass through editors.

Independent job offer board for partners

A new feature introduced for business partners allows them to post and manage job offers independently, adding undeniable value to the service.

Optimized website speed

Despite the extensive and detailed content, the website maintains high speed and efficiency, achieving a high Google PageSpeed score and ensuring a superior user experience.


The project’s outcome led to a significant boost in the number of advertisements and sponsored posts. The company boasts growth in terms of quantity, but also quality. What’s more, some of the world’s largest companies have begun to buy advertising space on the site. Such influx of high-profile advertising was a testament to the website’s excellent positioning and visibility in the market.

The well-optimized and strategically positioned service attracted premium advertisers, reflecting the site’s strong market presence and appeal to top-tier businesses.