SaaS success story


A refreshed and modernized website, designed to enhance the workflow of content editors. With an impressive array of 9 language versions and ample room for expansion, the platform paves the way for seamless growth and limitless possibilities.


About eSky

eSky is a travel organization platform, being a leader in Central-Eastern Europe and the Online Travel Agencies market guru in South America. Its services are offered in over 50 countries on five continents and include a wide range of flights, accommodations,city break and vacation leisure packages, insurance, car rentals, airport transfers, and attractions. Basically – everything you need for travel and relaxation.

In 2022, eSky had their best year ever, raking in over 90 million złotys (almost 20 million euros) in EBITDA profit. It’s also part of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) agent group.



450 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release

Development phase

September 2022 – January 2023


March 2023

ongoing support

April 2023 – till now

Project’s scope

Development and implementation of a new blog and guidebooks layout, and the seamless migration of content from their previous website. With a focus on proper SEO optimization and support for nine language versions, we successfully transformed their online presence. Moreover, all language versions have been included in one administrative panel, with individual versions delegated to independent subdomains.

9 language versions

Advanced SEO optimization

Dedicated solutions

Modular system for creating guidebooks

API integrations


Challenges and solutions

  • 01.

    Content migration

    We successfully transferred over 1000 unique posts from the previous website, ensuring that all accompanying elements such as images, tags, metadata, links, and categories were seamlessly migrated as well.

  • 02.

    Backend facility update

    We conducted the integration of the backend infrastructure into the new architecture, meticulously aligning every element with the refreshed layout. From images, captions, and tables of content to engaging galleries and captivating quote boxes, we ensured that every aspect was flawlessly imported, preserving the essence of the content while embracing the enhanced design.

  • 03.

    Reusable blocks

    We build predefined layout sets, ready to be used on different subpages. Although the process was quite complicated, it made our work easier as we were able to use the previously developed elements. Thanks to reusable blocks a user can choose, display, and modify a set. We also started using native WordPress blocks while working with templates, making the most of their possibilities.

  • 04.

    API Integrations

    ​​We integrated the website with the company’s internal, customized newsletter service which allowed for a streamlined and efficient process of delivering engaging newsletters directly to eSky’s valued subscribers.

  • 05.


    Collaborating closely with the eSky DevOps and Security departments, we successfully launched the website on a custom-built server and architecture. This way we managed to ensure a secure and optimized environment for the company’s online presence, providing a solid foundation that enhances performance, reliability, and overall user experience.


Business enhancement

Brand new engine

The client gained a new website which is a selling point for their application and a thorough presentation of available services and features. Modern, visually attractive graphic layout, scalability, appealing blog posts and guides all built up for the website’s new user experience and allow the creation of unique content easily by the client’s team.

Decreased vulnerability

The website is made according to current global trends which gives it a competitive edge on foreign markets and a possibility to gain new investors, customers and quick growth.

Organized structure of language versions

With a significant emphasis on foreign markets, eSky recognized the importance of flawless conversion for the Polish versions of their website, allowing for easy management by native speakers in specific countries. This strategic approach enables efficient adaptation of content without the need to start from scratch, simplifying the process of expanding into new markets.

Trusted tech partner

eSky has gained a dedicated tech partner who can effectively handle all WordPress-related issues. The partnership has already extended to the management of several additional platforms, and in due course, the responsibility for overseeing all WordPress-based websites.

Michał Bryzek,
SEO Specialist

Fooz delivered a great, fast-loading website that could manage the client’s nine language versions. Their team proposed great solutions and executed the client’s vision. They also responded to the client and addressed corrections quickly. 

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The website has been receiving positive user reviews, and the client is highly satisfied with the development of the guidebooks. The seamless import process ensured that the links structure remained intact, minimizing the need for extensive manual work on the client’s end. Presently, a team of dedicated editors adds new content on a daily basis. As we strive for continuous improvement, together with the client we are exploring the development of new functionalities that will further enhance the service and provide an even more enriching experience for users.