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Multi-context Search Engine in Content Management

As the amount of content being published by our clients continues to increase, finding specific information within this vast volume of data has become increasingly more work. This challenge has led us to develop a solution that will help our clients retrieve information – a multi-context search engine.

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Natalia Barańska

Marketing Specialist

What is a multi-context search engine?

Let’s start by defining what a multi-context search engine is. It’s a system that goes beyond the traditional one-dimensional approach to search queries. A multi-context search engine takes into account various types of content on the site, such as blog articles, products, case studies or a knowledge base.

What multi-context search engine offers?

Comprehensive Content Search

This unified search interface allows users to easily navigate various content types without switching between different platforms or interfaces. They can effortlessly access informative blog articles, browse a diverse range of products, delve into detailed case studies, and explore the extensive knowledge base entries. This comprehensive search functionality enhances the user experience by providing a seamless and efficient way to discover and consume relevant content.

Immediate Search Results

By simply entering a minimum of three characters, the engine will promptly display results without the need for a page refresh. With its user-friendly interface, the search engine provides a seamless and efficient way to retrieve information. Additionally, the real-time presentation of potential matches ensures that users have instant access to relevant content, ultimately enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

Bryj is a great example of using multi-context search engine for categorizing their content and quick way of finding relevant data.

Contextual Relevance

Our engine is able to provide users with a wide range of content types tailored to their specific input. For example, when a user types in a specific phrase, our search engine will generate results that include case studies, blog articles and product recommendations that are highly relevant to that particular sector.

Elevating Accessibility to Older Content

One of the most remarkable features of this search engine is its ability to revitalize archived content. Not only does it effortlessly bring forth older articles and resources, but it also presents them as user-friendly and intuitive. Users can now quickly delve into the depths of the past, uncovering valuable information that was once buried in the digital archives.


Multi-context search engine on is an example of how to make content more accessible to the user by a simple tool. Every content heavy website with multiple content types like podcasts, blogs, help center, and knowledge base should consider using this search for managing their content in more simple way.

On this Knowledge Base, there are 3 main content types through which the phrase is being searched. Search engine is looking through all 3 of them, showing the results in one list. This is great, because you have the ability to choose which type you want to see. It’s fully customizable and makes it easier to find the content you are interested in.


Our innovative multi-context search engine isn’t just a search tool; it’s a gateway to efficient content discovery. With its user-friendly interface, our search engine provides users with highly relevant search results. By understanding the intent behind each search query, it delivers accurate and comprehensive information, saving users valuable time and effort.