Success Story


Bilingual website with easy management for Webankieta / Startquestion. Customizable, future-oriented and coherent with most crucial business goals. 


About Webankieta

Webankieta is a convenient SaaS platform that allows creating online surveys, forms, and tests to gain reliable feedback and opinion about a certain product or service.


The company has been active for over 10 years and generated nearly 800,000 surveys, constantly developing and enhancing its offer. 


560 working hours from the project’s launch till its final release
Development phase
June 2022 – October 2022
November 2022
Ongoing support
November 2022 – till now

Project’s scope

The company’s sales website was a part of the application, and thus was also influenced by the system’s possible breakdown. It generated a need to separate the one from the other, but the Webankieta team didn’t really know how to do it right. Every other change and alteration still made the marketing department seek help in IT which made the process last longer being a highly suboptimal solution.


Finally, tempted by the self-hosted option, they decided to choose a WordPress platform which is less limited, universal and freely customizable. Having a ready made design and wanting to transfer the current site looks to WP, they needed a reliable contractor to do the job. 

Front-end implementation

Bilingual website on separate domains

Maintaining the current power of SEO

WordPress CMS with live editor

Content migration


Challenges and solutions

01. Bilingual website on separate domains with a common CMS

The client is focused strongly on both Polish and foreign markets, thus having a bilingual website was of a great importance. What has been nearly impossible on the previous system, is convenient and doesn’t require any additional time on the new site.

02. Displaying external iframe-based pages

Having over 150 interactive survey templates, the client asked us for the possibility to present them in an embedded form inside their new WordPress site, with the option to manage them, add new ones, etc.

03. New, custom URL structure

We cooperated with an external agency hired by the Client throughout the whole development process. They audited the implemented SEO solutions and made sure that they meet all the requirements. Our work involved transferring all the SEO power to the new site.

04. Importing blog content from another WordPress site

We were responsible for transferring the blog articles from the previous service to avoid doing it manually after the new website was created. We transferred about 300 articles along with their content, images, links, etc., which also allowed keeping the current SEO intact without the need of engaging the content team.


Business enhancement


All the developed modules make it easier for the client to scale the content, create new pages, blog posts, etc. All the changes can be implemented without the help of the client’s developers.

Easy language management

Both language versions of the site are available from a single panel which allows their convenient management.

Top notch pagespeed

The website was prepared with a strong focus on performance including Google Pagespeed and Web Core Vitals. It makes it launch almost instantly which has a great positive impact on user experience and organic SEO.

Bespoke multi-layer and multi-purpose mega menu

One of the elements that the client cared about most was that every navigational label should display the content differently, which was supposed to be both visually appealing and in accordance with UX, making the website stand out from the competition.  


The client was satisfied with the pace of work and our instant reaction to any reported problems. We were always fully available and ready to tackle any issue up to date. We communicated using Slack channel that included all the stakeholders from both sides, making the process more dynamic and efficient. 


Now, the website meets all of the client’s business requirements – it’s very fast, server- and frontend-wise, has a convenient, light menu, and builds up for a user’s pleasant experience.


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