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Inspiration box #2

Inspiring webpages and graphics. Lots of good stuff!

Hi! After a long break, we are back with our series of articles full of graphic inspirations. A lot of fresh content! Enjoy!

Inspiring webpages

Let’s start with a very stylish and interesting Kopke1638 website, which combines retro style with relative minimalism.

An equally interesting style can be found on the Monograno Felicetti website. I really like the use of clouds with subtle animations, and the lovely, fine presentation of products.

The report presented by the Coda platform concerns a serious topic of HIV in Russia. The website uses intriguing graphics and the whole thing is just very clear. also has an excellent design. The sound and the lines in the background add a touch of taste; it is a combination of minimalism and creativity.

The website also uses lines that perfectly complement the whole design. Delicate animations and the use of parallax deserve attention, too.

Graphic designs

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral was chosen as the colour of 2018. Abduzeedo has prepared a collection of photos related to this colour, I recommend to seeing them.

Since we are talking about Abduzeedo, some time ago they celebrated the 12th anniversary of their presence on the market. On this occasion, they re-branded their website and the logo, which is placed below.

Another absolutely fantastic project by Ars Thanea, in collaboration with LinkedIn Creative Studio. The ability to combine the client’s needs with their creativity and skills is impressive.

Finally, Górnik Zabrze football club has a well-designed website. The concept is very eye-catching with bold fonts and its strong but also clear style.

Redesign of Starbucks website is one of the last concepts on Behance I am impressed with. A beautiful use of background sound, with a very clear product presentation and delicate shading.

author: Maciej Graphic Designer

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