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Inspiration box #1

Inspiring webpages and graphics. Lots of good stuff!

Hi there! We are starting a new series of articles devoted to graphic inspirations. In these articles you will find a great deal of interesting projects created by people from all over the world. And these projects will involve numerous areas of design. From illustrations, through whole brandings, logos, to some great user interface projects. Going straight to the point, let’s go for a ride and explore the incredibly creative world of design. Buckle up and let’s go! Enjoy!

Inspiring webpages combines black and white in a pleasant way, creating a minimalistic designing project that is unified and complete. You should also notice the use of simple geometric elements.

Species-in-pieces is a great use of polygons, which change their placement and create entirely new arrangements. The webpage has been available for quite a long time now and it seems that the vogue for polygons on Internet sites has passed. It’s a shame though because such 3D images make great impression.

Some time ago I came across Sevenhills. It’s a fantastic presentation on how to make a horizontally scrolled page properly.

Kikk — the festival of design and creativity — surprises us with unique webpages every year. Last year creators prepared an amazing animation, which looks great on a webpage and has the “WOW” effect. In terms of design it’s been one of my favourite websites in recent years. I’m really curious of what they will surprise us with this year.

A great example of friendly minimalism can be seen at The blur effect applied to the text gives a really pleasant feeling. Softness, moderation, elegance — these are the main qualities of this webpage.

Graphic designs

We start with one of my favourite projects. Creators of the Greenpeace concept webpage used the glow effect, fonts and images in a marvelous way. Everything is perfectly matched and consistent as a whole. I hope that Greenpeace will notice and use it ?

Another great example of a beautiful and good interface is the Ikea app project. In addition to web design, I’m really fond of designing apps. I value the minimalistic approach, as well as the match between simple fonts and shades. Such a great project!

To celebrate FIFA World Cup, the ∆ Studio—JQ ∆ prepared "2018 FIFA World Cup Russia” minimalistic posters of each team taking part in the tournament. The UK-based studio is famous for amazing posters and that is why I recommend seeing also these not related to the World Cup.

People from "36 Days of type” also had a great idea. Every day for 36 days graphic designers and illustrators created their variations on the theme of letters and typography. The example below was created by Meeta Panesar — a stunning combination of typography and animation.

I will close the whole list in a quite peculiar way because this is not a strictly graphic design or a splendid interface but some magnificent photos from Iceland. In his pictures Piotr Petki™ Laskosz perfectly captured the unique atmosphere of this fascinating country. Enjoy!

author: Maciej Graphic Designer

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